Hi there... 👋

Thanks for coming, and welcome to my blog and first blog post. This first entry will serve as a brief introduction, as well as an outline of what you can expect to see and read on this platform.

I love all things tech; phones, computers, smart devices and gadgets. So you can expect to see a lot of content related to devices and technology hacks to help automate and improve your life.

I will most likely be releasing some content related to my current job as a software engineer (more specifically an Android engineer).

Another big interest of mine is application development and design (mobile, web, IoT, any). I love and appreciate apps and services that make life easier or more enjoyable by means of functionality, user interface and user experience.

I am an avid gym go-er, training and strength sports enthusiast. If it's about being strong, fast, agile, flexible and explosive, count me in.

In 2017, I took up Olympic weightlifting and have been completely bitten by the bug ever since. I now train 6 days a week to improve my strength, technique, mobility and flexibility.

"What gets measured, gets managed" is a quote I really believe in and try to live my life by. I track everything I want to manage including food, training, sleep, daily habits, spending and probably more.

I track and monitor each of these things individually, but I think they must be evaluated together in order to created a holistic view of overall health, wellness and vitality.

After the gentle nudge of a very provocative documentary, I decided to try out a vegan diet during the summer of 2017. I have not looked back since, finding that my training has seen considerable benefits (for example enhanced recovery and increased energy levels).

From time to time I like to read about and dabble in crypto-currency, and as such, may publish some content related to that.

You can expect content related to any or all of my interests, and also where those interests intersect (for example software for fitness devices which are used to measure training data).

Thanks for reading,
Cillian ✌️